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You’re past porn videos on tube sites, and you’re ready to give sex games a spin? You’re at the right place. Welcome to the most comprehensive and honest sex game reviews on the web.

There are thousands of porn games out there worth playing, and though we can’t possibly review them all, we certainly will try. Bookmark Sex Emulator on your browser and learn everything you need to know about the most popular XXX games on the web. You won’t believe the games you’ll find on our website. We got them all: hentai, virtual reality, BDSM scenarios, sci-fi-themed, role-playing, etc.

Hentai Heroes

Hentai Heroes Review

Gameplay and Battles

The main objective is to complete quests so you can meet and recruit girls for your harem. Simple and s...

Zombie Heat Review

Zombie Heat Review

Sexy toon babes ready to blow your cock

Zombies have risen from the dead and are out to eat human brains, what else do you need to know? Y...

The Invincible IronCock sex game

The Invincible IronCock Review

The premise of The Invincible Ironcock is incredibly simple and straightforward. All around the city, sexy women are being abducted by your s...

Superpimp Sweepup sex

Superpimp Sweepup Review

Become the hero in Superpimp Sweep Up

The name of the game is Superpimp Sweepup. Sounds cool, right? With a uniq...

Strip Poker sex game

Strip Poker Review

Strip poker online game at its finest

If you love playing poker and you enjoy toon porn, then you will certainly get a kick out of Strip P...

Titris sex game

Titris Review

Hot toon babes naked

All right, we’ve discuss the original Tetris, now let’s take a look at the porn parod...

Grand Fuck Auto sex

Grand Fuck Auto Review

More pussies that you can handle!

Some parodies are just guaranteed to be successful. Here is one of them. Grand Fuck Auto is sure to make...

Ms. PacWhore sex game

Ms. PacWhore Review

Guide PacWhore to the orgasmic victory

Get ready to cast your childhood memories aside because Ms. PacWhore is here to turn this beloved f...

Sex game Spidey Web Bang

Spidey Web Bang Review

Have hardcore sex as the Amazing Spiderman

It’s called Spidey Web Bang and it puts you in the middle of the action and hardcore sex ...

Raging Green Destroyer porn

Raging Green Destroyer Review

Rescue hot girls as Hulk

If you’re ready to start playing the Raging Green Destroyer, then continue reading. The game starts off wit...


Call of Booty Review

Rescue Hot too Agent Sarah

So how does the game kick off? Predictably, we would say. The sexy Agent Sarah, a stunning brunette babe with p...

If you’re tired of playing mediocre porn games, or if you simply can’t find a title that tickles your fancy, don’t worry! Starting now, Sex Emulator will take care of that with our growing selection of sex games reviews. Whether you like a strong girl character with fantasy-like features or if you prefer the plot to be as close to reality as possible, there’s something for every adult in search of interactive play online.

Before you download your next adult video game, make sure to check out some of our reviews. You’ll be happy you did. We provide all the information needed to make a solid decision. Sex game reviews are organized by category, and, of course, there are many categories to enjoy! Sit back and relax as we show off the internet’s hottest, naughtiest and most arousing sex games.

Read about what our test players had to say about notorious sex games such as

  • Hentai Heroes
  • Zombie Heat
  • The Invincible IronCock
  • Superpimp Swipeup
  • Strip Poker
  • Call of Booty

And so many more! We are not done playing dirty, and we sure know you’re ready to try more online xxx games this site has to offer. With frequent updates and new games added every month, you can always come back for more hot titles. Stay tuned to continue to improve your gameplay experience with the best adult characters and the hottest virtual fun. So read and get ready to enjoy!

The Categories Of Porn Games Available

There are probably as many categories of porn games on the web as there are types of porn online. From BDSM to hentai, not without mentioning role-playing and fuck simulator toys virtually activated by other players, the whole porn games industry is filled with adult games to choose from.

The themes for porn games also include a crazy amount of options for gamers. As long as you look for the right tag online, you’ll unlock a world of fuck possibilities: sci-fi, dystopian, anime, medieval, werewolves, romance, etc. Take a look at some of the porn game categories in the page footer below to learn more.

With our sex games review, we provide you with the most variety of games to entice your horny sense of adventure. Feel free to try a completely new category and discover whether or not you’d like its features. How much time does it take you to get into the games? Are the settings clear and player-friendly? Does this game create the best virtual sex experience for you? Do the characters seem fun and kinky enough? Can you access it and fully enjoy it with just a free trial? Our content will give you all the details you need to give a game a good try!

The Way We Rate The Sex Games

You’ll know right off the bat before you click on a review what the game’s five-star rating is. But what do we look at? The overall pros and cons of games–those will be at the top of each article and will highlight aspects like visuals, plot, character attractiveness, challenge levels, free and paid features, sound effects, controls, and the overall player’s experience.

Remember, a review is just a pointer. Your own experience with a game might be different, and what you look for in a game might also be different from what struck out to us. So use this site’s content as a general guide and not a yay or nay on any game. And keep in mind that we’ll never lead you to any scams or suspicious game websites. Everything here is adult kosher ;)

The reviews published on SexEmulator are not sponsored by the porn game companies. So, they’re real, honest opinions from girls and guys on the SexEmulator team who tried the games. On top of giving you access to a free adult game, you get exclusive content on our site without membership. Visit SexEmulator regularly for more free reviews to enjoy the best porn games on the web.

New NSFW Games

Adult video games are growing in popularity. With the advances of technology, porn games have become more immersive, more challenging, more visually appealing. The stories are deeper, the characters sexier and more lifelike, the controls smoother and more responsive. Things are definitely going in the right direction and will only continue to improve with time. The only problem? There’s a ton of games out there with limited information or reviews. That’s where Sex Emulator comes into the picture.

It’s hard to know anything about a game before you actually play it. Realistically, that’s just not possible. You need to know what a game is about BEFORE you actually pay for it and start playing. That’s why sex games reviews are so incredibly useful. Check our scores, comments, details and summaries of the hottest porn games of 2022 and beyond! New games are being launched practically every day. Don’t let them pass you by!

No more walking blindly into your next sex game experience. Use Sex Emulator’s sex games reviews to guide you through your next porn gaming endeavor. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience to find sex games that are really worth playing.