The Invincible IronCock Review

The Invincible IronCock sex game


  • Fun Gameplay
  • Great Variety of hot girls
  • Unlocking new scenes is fun
  • Cool parody


  • Boring storyline
  • Mediocre Graphics

Fun, sexy, easy but appealing – these are just a few adjectives that describe the game we are going to be reviewing today: The Invincible Ironcock. With a title like that, it’s enough to get anyone’s attention! We love porn parodies, especially those based on comic book heroes, therefore The Invincible Ironcock was a sex video game we were really looking forward to playing and reviewing. So, without more delay, let’s jump right into the review and see what this hot new game is all about and if it really lives up to the hype. Let’s get started!

The premise of The Invincible Ironcock is incredibly simple and straightforward. All around the city, sexy women are being abducted by your sworn enemy: the dark ironmen. There are many of these so-called dark ironmen and they are kidnapping every single sort of hot babe you can possibly imagine: blondes, brunettes, redheads, big tits, small tits, big asses, white girls, ebony babes, and more. You play, of course, as The Invincible Ironcock. You can fly in the air and shoot laser fireballs from your fists. You are the only one who can save these beautiful women from some unknown but surely regrettable fate. The more girls you save, the more “grateful” they will be. By grateful, we mean they will suck your toon cock and let you fuck their virtual pussies!

As there is very little backstory or plot to speak of, the action on The Invincible Ironcock starts almost right off the bat – and that’s just the way we like it! Before you know it, you’re flying through the air at night, dodging through buildings, shooting your blue fireballs at the dark ironmen. Moving around is fairly easy with the arrow keys, and you shoot with your mouse button. Shoot the bad guys three or four times and they’ll evaporate, turning into beautiful toon babes who’ll instantly start falling from the sky. Scoop them up in time and fly them safely to the ground. Save more ladies to earn experience points and enjoy your naughty rewards. Can you guess what those are?

That’s right! You guessed correctly! Save enough hot toon sluts from certain death and they’ll repay you first by sucking your cock, then with some hardcore sex. As you save more and more women from the dark ironmen, hot new scenes will get unlocked. Move your mouse from side to side, over and over again, faster and faster to reach an overwhelming climax. Bust a nut inside a toon babe’s mouth or right on top of her big tits. It’s a great motivation to continue rescuing more falling babes. The Invincible Ironcock’s job is never done!

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