Call of Booty Review



  • Great first-person shooter
  • Hot toon babes
  • Comical dialogues
  • Non-stop action


  • Graphics are lackluster
  • Controls are quirky

Call of Booty : the COD porn video game

Call of Booty is the unofficial porn spinoff based on one of the most popular first-person shooters of all time. As nearly everyone has at least heard of the original franchise, if not played its many games, it’s only natural that curiosity and intrigue surround its new porn counterpart. If you never thought you’d see the day when a classic first-person like COD™ would get turned into a porn video game, we have quite a delicious treat for you. Your innocence will soon be shattered! After Call of Booty, adult sex games will never be the same! 

Rescue Hot too Agent Sarah

So how does the game kick off? Predictably, we would say. The sexy Agent Sarah, a stunning brunette babe with perfect round tits and a beautifully shaped ass, is sent by the government on a top-secret mission. But, unfortunately, things did not go as planned, and she gets kidnapped by a group of horny, groping terrorists who plan to user her body to satisfy their own pleasures. Your assignment is to rescue Sarah and bring her home safely. But beware, there are many defectors on their side. Trust nobody and terminate all the terrorists with extreme prejudice. Kill them all! 

call of booty sex game

 Call of Booty is full of naughty and fun dialogue. Very well written stuff that’s guaranteed to make you smile and chuckle. Most of it is obviously tongue-in-cheek, created only to poke fun at its own absurdity. Though the story itself may not be worthy of an academy award, who cares? Let’s be completely honest here: you’re not playing a porn game called Call of Booty for its intricate plot and stellar voice acting performances. You’re here for the tits, pussy and ass. Call of Booty, staying true to its name, offers plenty of that!  

call of booty game

After the various cut scenes showing Agent Sarah getting kidnapped and dragged away by her tits, you’re finally dropped into the game. First impression: it looks a lot like one of those old-school first person shooters that everyone was playing at LAN back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. The graphics, though decent for a flash video game, are nothing spectacular. Basically, you pick up a big-ass gun and start mowing down enemies. It’s very straightforward gameplay, just typical running, taking cover and shooting. There’s nothing complicated or innovative about it. Regardless, playing solider and shooting stuff is a great deal of fun, especially when your mission is to rescue a sexy babe like Sarah. The weapon selection is also nice. 

call of booty game

Overall, the gameplay is simple but fun. There are a total of 3 Call of Booty episodes, each with its own racy and erotic storyline. You will always find intense action and plenty of hot toon babes with perfect bodies who just want to get fucked. Since they’ve already created three versions of this game, it’s likely that more will be launched. Who knows, this might become a franchise of adult first person shooters. We certainly hope so, as it’s easily one of the coolest games we have ever played. 

Don’t expect cutting edge graphics. Call of Booty is a throwback to days of the first online FPS games, but with a naughty twist. Hot toon bitches are waiting for you inside, desperate to get rescued and eager to get fucked. Kill the enemy, take the girl home and fuck her brains out. That’s what COB is all about! 

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