Female Body

Creating the Perfect Sex Doll

Select level

Build your dream 3D Sex Doll Game

SexEmulator offers three levels of gameplay: Soft, Hard and Extreme. What kind of sexual experience do you seek? Is it something light and playful, like watching your lifelike sex doll strip nude and masturbate in the game? Or would you rather watch her give sloppy blowjobs and get her virtual pussy fucked hard? It’s all possible. And if you’re looking for something more edgy, choose “Extreme” and prepare to be blown away!

Female Body sex games

Enter the sex doll's name

Give her a sexy name

The first step in building the perfect sex doll is giving your lady name. Choose whatever name you prefer. If possible, make it match her style and personality. It can be something common and simple, or something completely extravagant. This is YOUR sex doll. Build her to your own standards of perfection.

Female Body sex games

Select her ethnicity

Set your sex game parameters

Here’s where you can choose the race of your sex doll. Choose the ethnicity you like best and in just a few clicks you’ll be staring into the eyes of the babe of your life, your ultimate dream girl and sex doll! She can be white, black or Asian – you choose!

Female Body sex games

Select the 3d sex doll hair color

What’s your favorite hair color?

You can’t build the perfect woman without giving her the proper hair color. Which do you prefer: blondes, redheads or brunettes? SexEmulator takes you step-by-step on your quest to create the ideal sex doll. The type of woman you – and many other men – would be proud to fuck!

Female Body sex games

Select her breast size

Make her boobs the perfect size

Now comes one of the most important (and sexiest) features of your 3D sex doll – the size of her tits! It’s normal for us all to have different preferences when it comes to breast size. Big is nice, but tiny can also be cute. How about you? Do you like tits on a woman to be small, normal or huge?

Female Body sex games

Set her skills

Make her do whatever you want

Last but not least it’s time to set the skills for your sex doll. Take your time and play around with the parameters until they’re perfect! Should your 3D doll be a master of sucking cock or an anal sex pro? Do you want a girl who’s talented with her feet or who loves to get spanked? It’s all possible on SexEmulator.

Female Body sex games