Ms. PacWhore

Ms. PacWhore


  • Amazing porn video game parody
  • Relive a great classic
  • Can play it anywhere


  • Controls aren’t great
  • Ms. PacWhore moves too slow

Are you a fan of the original Pac-Man™? Or even the original Ms. Pac-Man™? If you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, then you probably spent your entire youth playing these nostalgic, old-school arcade games. Who didn’t? After all, it is unique and original video games like these that first defined the gaming culture as we know it. 

Get ready to cast your childhood memories aside because Ms. PacWhore is here to turn this beloved franchise into the hottest and coolest porn parody created to date! Ms. PacWhore loves to eat dicks and she’s here to eat as many as possible before the blue ghosts catch her. Can you guide her to an orgasmic victory?

The premise of the game is simple. If you’ve played the original Pac-Man™ game, then you know exactly what this is about. In fact, very few things have changed. Instead of running through the maze eating dots and energizers, you have to try to eat the big rubber dildos. Eat those sex toys and the ghosts will turn blue, allowing you to eat them for bonus points. Sounds simple enough right? Well, sometimes the simplest games turn out to be the most fun!

Here is your chance to play the amazing Pac-Man game like you have never played it before. Welcome to Ms. PacWhore, the craziest porn video game parody ever released! Ditch all the other boring sex games and check this one out. It will be sure to bring back memories of your youth and add a kinky twist too!