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Stephen 39, Boston

Sadly, finding good porn games isn’t always easy. It requires way too much time and research IMO. Not only that, you have to download the games, install them and try them out. Al that takes a long time, especially if the game sucks. Sex Emulator has several options. You could just play their sex game. Like most sex games it barely has a plot, but that’s not what’s important. It’s the interactive element that draws me in and being able to customize each girl to your liking. It makes you want to keep coming back and playing it again. That’s the sign of a truly good service!

Zack 35, Wisconsin

There’s finally a review site for porn gamers! It took some searching (trial and error) but I finally found a porn review site worth its salt. These guys really got their stuff together. I especially love the porn game reviews. I’ve had tons of fun with their 3d emulators. But the number one reason for visiting Sex Emulator is their own interactive sex game!! I could spend hours playing that…and I do!!

Jason 42, Toronto

I first came to SexEmulator through their blog that has plenty of interesting articles about the best sex games etc. But then I started digging around the site and completely fell in love with their exclusive porn game! Wow I didn’t even know this game existed! But I’m so happy I found it. Now I can’t get enough: customizing babes, building the sexiest 3d babes and then watching them fuck at my command. It works so smoothly, it’s easy to play and have fun creating super porn sluts who have sex when and how you tell them to. Pick your fantasy and they make it happen: sucking, spanking, anal, feet and more. HINT: create a profile and get access to a ton of other features. I highly recommend it!

Derrick 25, New Orleans

If you’re anything like me, you love to play sex games. You enjoy them more than you did actual porn videos (stopped watching those a long time ago) and you like to check out and download all the new titles. I’ve needed a quality sex game review site for a while now. Thanks to SexEmulator, I finally found it! Now I have access to all the hottest and newest games. I can read entire detailed reviews and download the games in just a few clicks. What could possibly be better than that? If you’re on Sex Emulator now, consider yourself lucky. There aren’t too many porn game review sites out there. Sex Emulator is definitely my favorite.

Jerry 29, Oakland

Yo yo yo what’s going on? This is my Sex Emulator review…tho its not the biggest site in the world it still has lots of cool stuff. The games are fucking amazing! Especially the Narcos XXX which is actually one of my favorites in their list… but they got some other nice games too…like Super Pimp Sweep Up where you play as superman, flying around sweeping up fly bitches and fucking them in the air. It’s pretty simply but still loads and loads of fun for the whole family LOL!!

Rick 33, Atlanta

Sex games are the only type of porn I enjoy these days. Old-fashioned porn videos just don’t do it for me anymore. Why that is, I don’t know – I guess I just crave interactive porn, and there’s nothing quite as interactive as a good adult video game. When done right, sex games provide the best overall XXX experience. It’s not even close! And Sex Emulator has one of the best original XXX games I’ve played in a very long time. The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is fun and addictive. Honestly, I play it several times a day. The updates make it worthwhile. Occasionally, I’ll check out some of their reviews and blog posts, but I always gravitate back to the Sex Emulator game and its build-a-babe feature!

Isaac 40, Manhattan

I’m not the kind of person to spend time on video games, especially not porn games. In fact, I don’t even watch porn! But since discovering Sex Emulator, it has opened my eyes to how much I’ve been missing. Not only online but in my own personal sex life. It’s amazing how sex games can open your eyes to your own sexuality. Believe it or not, they’ll help you discover hidden desires and fetishes that were just waiting to come out. 

Glenn 35, Philadelphia

This hands-down the best XXX gaming review site on the internet! It’s more than that. They even have their own porn game and it kicks serious ass! Don’t waste another second thinking about it. If (like me) you’re looking for porn games to play and jerk off to, Sex Emulator will help you find the perfect match for your taste. Why play games that don’t satisfy your fetishes? Why waste time like that? Do like I did: bookmark SexEmulator and come back every week for new porn games and reviews.

Mike 24, Portland

I live sex games – what else can I say? That’s why I’m here writing this review, to let you know this site is THE BEST when it comes to XXX games. Their 3D babes are lusty and beautiful. Really, I can’t get enough of these find slut and the stuff they do. Control them with a few clicks, it’s so easy and fun…and addictive!!! Be careful, entire days will go by without you even noticing!!

Chris 33, Detroit

Finding the right gaming site isn’t easy. There’s a lot of bullshit and fake sites out there, and most of them don’t deliver on their promises. I was getting tired of wasting time looking for the right sex game until I stumbled upon Sex Emulator. Almost by accident I found the coolest porn game site of all time! This site has everything and it’s so easy to use and navigate. The games are sexy, the recommendations are on point, everything works just like they promise. Now when I want to download a new porn game, I just go to SexEmulator and check out their reviews. I might not agree with all of them, but most rankings are pretty damn accurate!