Game Settings

Set the porn game

Camera Pan

Find the perfect shot

SexEmulator wants you to have a perfect view of the 3D action when playing our game. That’s why we make camera panning fun and simple. You’re the director: move the camera horizontally or vertically so that it sweeps across and around the scene. Sideways, up, down – whatever you want! Adjust the camera settings to your liking and get the most amazing shots on screen.

Camera Zoom

Zoom in and out of the action

We know adult gamers are picky. Luckily, SexEmulator allows you to zoom in and zoom out of the action on screen whenever you want. Would you like a closer view of the hardcore sex? No problem. Use our nifty zoom tool to get an up-close-and-personal shot of your sexy character while she gets her virtual pussy stuffed hard!

Camera Angle

Perfect 3D porn fantasies

Our exclusive 3D porn adapts to your idea of perfection. Say you have a camera angle that you prefer, or a type of shot that really gets you horny. With SexEmulator you can make it happen. It’s easy! Play around with our camera angle settings until you have an absolutely perfect view. There’s no better way to enjoy porn!


Choose the passion of each scene

Our unique intensity feature lets you regulate the passion and hunger for sex displayed by your character on screen. Exactly how hard would you like to see her perform? Personally choose how much intensity your female character shows when sucking, fucking and masturbating. You’re the director and the viewer. Enjoy the show!


Choose the background and location

Transport your 3D sex fantasy to wherever you want by changing the screen background. Choose from a variety of different backgrounds and locations. Don’t let your virtual porn fantasy go stale. Keep it lively and moving by switching up the background. Experience firsthand why SexEmulator is the most interactive adult game online!