The Perfect Woman Awaits

Female Body

Give your sex doll the perfect body

Have you ever dreamed of creating the perfect woman? Sex Emulator gives you all the tools to put together an ideal virtual babe with a perfect female body – the type you’d love to fuck! Choose the ethnicity, hair color, boob size and the specific sexual skills your perfect lady should possess. Take your time and get it right. It’s not every day you get to build the ultimate 3D porn babe!

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Fulfill your 3D porn fantasy

Now that you’ve gone ahead and created the perfect woman, it’s time to get her sexy ass into action. That means satisfying all of your wildest fantasies no matter how dirty or taboo. Here you can choose what you want your virtual babe to do: show her ass, play with her tits, play with her pussy, squirt on camera, spank her butt – the options are many and they’re all tempting. Get creative and have fun with it!

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Adjust the settings to your preferences

Finally it’s time to adjust and tune your SexEmulator experience to make it as fun as possible. Our settings let you control everything from the speed of the actions (Intensity) to camera movement and rotation (Pan). Would you like to control one of our exclusive characters? SexEmulator boasts a fabulous selection of sexy babes waiting to follow you on wild sexual adventures. Get started now!

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