Video games are one of the most famous things today and, in effect, they have already become part of our day to day. If we are bored, connecting to an online platform and being able to spend a few minutes of fun is the solution, right? But what happens if we want to go a little further and take our enjoyment to another level? What do I mean? You already have it! We are talking about adult video games. Having some virtual sex or participating in an online porn experience can be as stimulating as it is to be in bed with your partner in real life. Without taking more of your time, we leave you here a top 5 adult sex games. Pay attention and find out what it is about!

Slave Lord

This game breaks all the standards and brings you the possibility of living a unique and unparalleled experience. Many men want to have a submissive girl who fulfills all their desires and whims, is that your case? Not to mention more, this game is for you! After conquering everything you wanted, you have captured a sex slave and you have to break her will to make her be as loyal as she is horny. She will be there to do everything you order and please all your erotic pleasures!


Can you imagine seeing sex in cartoons? Well, with this game it is completely possible. And what a great toon sex you can find here! You will really love this sex game; its story is that the villain fucks the holes of the main character, a hot and horny heroine. It brings you the best of animated toons with a very peculiar and exciting style of sex. In addition, there are many surprises and many holes to penetrate with a lot of cocks!

Bioshock Intimiate

This is an amazing adult sex game! Now, it's your turn to be a little submissive to yourself, so get fucked and played with by the slutty big tit babe from Bioshock. You can enjoy just seeing how she discovers the deepest aspects of her sexuality using nothing more and nothing less than your cock. With all its impressive tactics it will make you cum in ways you can't even imagine! All this is complemented by incredible graphics and sounds. Excellent, don't you think so?

Teras Castle

After a long trip, you land at Teras Castle, and what do you find there? An exquisite Vampire Magician babe that makes suddenly grows a cock so she can play with it. What a great way to have fun, right? This is really a great animated game! You have sex with this sexy girl and, as its best feature; you can do it in many different positions! At the end, you will get a surprise that will leave you delighted with all this.

Fandal Tales

Hey boy, here is someone who has a sweet game for you! On this platform, you can choose between three different warrior girls. What can you do with her? Well, you can start by seeing how she gets used to some horny demons in which you can be included. Go forward in the story and see how they are pleased with all the forms existing on and off the earth!

There have never been so many ways to spend time on the Internet playing and exploiting to the fullest all the pleasure you can get from sex! Encourage yourself to try some of these options and have fun while exploring your sexuality a little more.