Have you ever thought about how different and exciting it is to play sex games? Some years ago, it might seem impossible to imagine a game based on this topic but, currently, it is a reality. What is it about? Well, this style of video games allows people to create a character online and participate in sex or sex-related games. The best part? All this can be without having to do anything but connect to a mobile device and enjoy.

When the first developers in the area launched the first sex game, there was a sector of the adult industry that was threatened: porn. The thing is that sex video games are like the traditional ones we are used to but, through them, you can have sex instead of participating in a car race or chasing monsters. And this is precisely what poses a risk to porn, because, yes, as you are thinking... A porn game is quite much better. Do you want to find out why? Continue reading!


Unlike porn, a sex game helps you actively participate in what you are watching. To make it simpler, think about what you usually do when you watch porn. Did you get it? Exactly! You just sit and watch. Video games allow you to live the experience as if it were yourself in a virtuous version of you or someone else. When you watch porn, you are not really involved, you have no control over what happens, nor do you decide what each person will do. In contrast, a porn game offers you that and more!


Has it happened to you that you lose hours and hours looking for a porn video of your liking? With sex games, people can play and discover what they like and don't like without having to watch a lot of porn videos trying to find something good. Incredible, right? Sexual games allow people to discover virtually everything they would like to do in bed reducing the risk of living a bad experience.


You can have a favorite porn actor or a favorite explicit video but it always happens that the material becomes repetitive and you get bored. This does not happen when it comes to sex games because you always have full control over the situation and you can make it completely different each time. In other words, a porn game gives you freedom to act as you want and explore as much as possible. You can leave your comfort zone and try new things!


You will learn how to bring new techniques to bed as you will be an active participant in the experience. When you watch porn, you are in a passive state since the only role you play is that of an observer. Instead, an adult video game gives you full control over the character so you can develop your skills as much as you want. It is very simple, the more you play a certain video game, the more you understand it and so you learn to manipulate it and improve significantly. The same happens if you apply it to sex. Now imagine combining both.

Are you going to miss the opportunity to try this? One of the biggest advantages is that by playing sex games, you get even more practice and are free to try something completely new. In addition, it is virtual, so you should not be afraid that something goes wrong. Dare to start in this world and discover all the wonderful things it has to offer!