Superpimp Sweepup

Superpimp Sweepup


  • Very fun gameplay
  • Graphics look nice
  • Many hot naked babes waiting to get fucked!
  • Addictive game


  • Toon babes could use better variety
  • Controls can be tricky

Saving helpless women from certain death is a tiresome job. Sometimes even a superhero needs a reward for all his hard work. You know the man with the blue suit and red cape. He is the one, the only, the invincible Superman™ and this is the porn video game parody based on all his naughty and never-before-seen sexual escapades. In this sex game he is known as Superpimp, a flying hero who scoops up sexy toon babes with big bouncing tits, fucks them hard from behind and leads them to safety. It looks like Superpimp enjoys himself a helluva lot more than his counterpart. He is the man with a steel cock, able to fuck thousands of horny toon bitches with a single cock. Cum play Superpimp Sweepup and prepare to have your mind blown and blow your load, too!

The name of the game is Superpimp Sweepup. Sounds cool, right? With a unique title like that, you can guess where this sex game is going. You play as Superpimp himself, flying through the air, your red cape flapping in the wind and your hard cock throbbing in your pants, searching for sexy naked women who need to get rescued. Thankfully, there seems to be no shortage of naked toon babes walking through the city with nothing else to do than get fucked by a man in a funny-looking red-and-blue costume. But if you think that’s all you do, think again! In Superpimp Sweepup, your mission is not complete until you have scooped up, rescued and fucked all the beautiful women in the game. For every toon babe you rescue, you get rewarded with experience points.  

So what do the rewards buy you in Superpimp Sweepup? You guessed it: hardcore sex with sexy toon babes! While you’re playing, make sure not to waste time. Sweep up as many fine ladies as you can. Superpimp gets the job done in just a few seconds. That’s all it takes him to fuck her hard from behind and bust his super nut. With each new babe he rescues, Superpimp gets hornier and hornier. It seems like this dude is never satisfied. Everyone knows a true super pimp’s job is never done!

Although you’ve never seen the comic book Superman™ fuck on screen or print before, when you’re playing Superpimp Sweepup, it’s a whole new ball game! Watch as your favorite childhood hero turns into a sex-crazed fucking machine who goes flying around town saving toon babes and fucking them in their tight mouths, pussies and assholes. Gather enough experience points and you will be rewarded with mind-blowing sex scenes featuring deliciously designed toon babes of all colors, shapes and sizes.  

Get your hands on Superpimp Sweepup and get ready to watch the world’s greatest superhero fuck his way to victory and worldwide peace. The game is by no means perfect or groundbreaking, but the graphics look cool enough and there are tons of different toon babes you can fuck. Play Superpimp Sweepup on your phone, laptop or desktop computer. It’s fun, easy and extremely addictive. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself playing this fun little sex game for hours on end. It’s really that cool!