Grand Fuck Auto

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  • One of the best porn game parodies ever created!
  • Strip clubs are always cool
  • Tons of strippers and prostitutes to choose from
  • Exciting action


  • Overhead view can get uncomfortable
  • Driving can be awkward

Are you ready to play one of the hottest new adult games on the web? If you’ve played everything else and nothing satisfies your hunger for authentic porn gaming, you may want to give Grand Fuck Auto a shot. Drive around town and fuck hot bitches every time you turn the corner – what’s not to like about this naughty game? It can be enjoyed by both long-time fans of the original game as well as those new to the franchise. Grand Fuck Auto is much more than a sex video game. It’s a criminal’s adventure through high-speed chases, drug deals gone bad and high-end hookers eager to sell their pussies. And you, as a player, get a front row seat to all the action!

Some parodies are just guaranteed to be successful. Here is one of them. Grand Fuck Auto is sure to make a lot of heads turn with its fun gameplay and cool graphics. The storyline is very straightforward. The objective is to complete missions in order to make money, which let you hit different strip clubs and fuck the finest tight pussy the city has to offer. To complete missions, you have to find red hearts on the map while driving your car from an overheard view like in the early GTA™ titles. The camera angle gave us some trouble, and it seemed awkward driving with your keyboard, but we eventually got the hang of it and were soon speeding down the street as the police gave chase, hot on our tails! 

The many strip clubs are by far the best features of Grand Fuck Auto. We noticed that they have recently been updated with tons of hot new prostitutes and services you can enjoy. For example, if you have enough cash, some strippers will engage in “dirty talk” with you, which is definitely worth checking out. Talk dirty to the girls and, if you’re lucky, they’ll come home with you for free! It’s fun to interact with all the different characters and read a bunch of predictable, yet hilariously entertaining dialogue. Some lines are pretty funny and kinky, and you’re sure to get a good laugh here and there. If you have enough money and good pickup skills, you can even take two strippers home with you on the same night!

Grand Fuck Auto offers much variety. Some girls will only fuck for money; others, however, can be talked into sex for free. That alone makes this porn video a lot more interesting. You can actually play with a purpose. Not only to make money, but to chat up hot strippers from the best clubs in the city. If you get tired of doing missions, Grand Fuck Auto comes packed with a load of mini-games that will keep you hooked and engaged for hours on end. Mini-games vary in difficulty. The easier mini-games will earn you a little bit of money and some experience points. But the harder mini-games will give you more cash, a huge amount of experience points and access to more pussy than you can handle!

We’ve been waiting for a title like Grand Fuck Auto for a long time. Now it’s finally here and playing it is incredibly fun and addictive. We especially love to see the new updates go up every few weeks. Go on, player! Keep on making that dough and fucking those hoes!