Raging Green Destroyer

Raging Green Destroyer


  • Amazing graphics
  • Destroying stuff is fun
  • The girls are beautiful and sexy


  • Game can get repetitive after a while
  • Needs more babe variety

We bet you never thought you’d see the day they made a porn game parody of The Incredible Hulk™. These days just about everything gets made into a porn parody. From your favorite old-school television shows to the comic book heroes of your youth. Nobody is safe! So if you’ve ever fantasized about watching the Incredible Hulk™…um, we mean the Raging Green Destroyer, fuck hot bitches in their tight holes, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Someone already thought of it and designed a sex video game that turns the Raging Green Destroyer and his monster-cock loose on the hottest sluts in the city!

If you’re ready to start playing the Raging Green Destroyer, then continue reading. The game starts off with a lot of action. Hot women are being kidnapped and it’s your mission to get them back. Punch, kick, elbow and bash through armored vehicles to bring these lovely ladies back to safety. Only you can rescue them from certain death…or worse! If you don’t save these girls, their horny sequesters will turn them into sex slaves forced to do their bidding. But once the Raging Green Destroyer gets angry, there’s no stopping him. Trust us, you won’t like him when he’s angry. Or maybe you will!

The gameplay in the Raging Green Destroyer is super simple. Your objective is to run down vehicles of all kinds and literally pound them to pieces. This is achieved by tapping the right key at the right time. Do it precisely as the key symbol passes the empty box and the Raging Green Destroyer will deliver punishing blows strong enough to shatter glass, tear rubber and bend steel. Keep going until the car is totally wrecked. Do this long enough and you will be rewarded with lusty cut scenes where the Raging Green Destroyer gets his green cock sucked or fucks some desperate babe in her tight pussy.

The sex in the Raging Green Destroyer are a mini-game all unto itself. Simply drag your mouse from side to side at whatever pace you want the action on the screen to proceed. If you want to watch the babe swallow his entire green dick slowly, drag the mouse slowly from left to right, repeatedly, until he busts a fat sticky nut her inside mouth. On the other hand, if you’re in the mood for a quick bang, all you have to do is move your mouse rapidly and try to reach an orgasm in record time. One thing is for sure, if you love the Incredible Hulk™ and you love sex games, you will never get bored of playing the Raging Green Destroyer!

If you already played the other porn parody games and you want something that really breaks the boundaries of adult gaming, make sure to give the Raging Green Destroyer a chance. Play as your favorite green monster and watch him go on an unstoppable rampage to destroy bad guys and destroy tight pussy, too! It may seem a bit repetitive at times, but the graphics are pretty hot for a sex game and the babes are deliciously designed. You will want to keep coming back and playing more rounds. With so many hot babes to discover and fuck, the Raging Green Destroyer can become an extremely addictive game.